First-in training and education

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Dave Leggett, Senior Instructor
Senior FF/EMT - Woodinville Fire and Rescue
-30+ year Firefighter/EMT
-2005 NEVAC Teacher of the Year
-Started NEVAC Fire Service Training class in 1996
-Former PIO/Public Educator-Woodinville Fire and Rescue


james mach, Instructor
ff/emt - woodinville fire & rescue 
-4 year Firefighter/EMT
-Tech. rescue qualified
-Former high school firefighting student 


Dave watson, lead Instructor
Senior ff/emt - redmond fire & ems
-8 year Firefighter/EMT
-Redmond Explorer Post Advisor
-CERT instructor

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LOCATION: Lake Washington Institute of Technology, Suite A308

henry patterson, Instructor
firefighter- south snohomish county fire authority
-Former high school fire student
-6 years as an EMT/ Firefighter
-2 years Full time for South Snohomish County Fire and Rescue