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First-In Training and Education (FITE) has contracted with one of the largest high school skills center in Washington State (WaNIC) to offer juniors and seniors the best in fire and EMS education.

-In 1996, Woodinville Fire and Rescue partnered with the Northshore School District to offer a new kind of skills class.  Housed at Station 31, the students were given hands-on training in all things fire and rescue.  This class paved the way for numerous students to be hired by local fire departments such as Northshore, Bothell, Bellevue, Redmond, Kirkland, and others.  

-2011 brought changes to the program that included an increase in class time and a move to the Lake Washington School District's new Applied Health Building at Lake Washington Institute of Technology.  At this time, FITE was formed to provide WaNIC with the instructors needed to expand the program into its current form.  We continue to have students that are making an impact in the local fire and EMS community.

Dave Leggett, Senior Instructor
Senior FF/EMT - Woodinville Fire and Rescue

-30+ year Firefighter/EMT

-2005 NEVAC Teacher of the Year

-Started NEVAC Fire Service Training class in 1996

-Former PIO/Public Educator-Woodinville Fire and Rescue


james mach, Instructor
ff/emt - woodinville fire & rescue 

-4 year Firefighter/EMT

-Tech. rescue qualified

-Former high school firefighting student 


Dave watson, lead Instructor
Senior ff/emt - redmond fire & ems

-8 year Firefighter/EMT

-Redmond Explorer Post Advisor

-CERT instructor


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Henry Patterson,  Instructor
FF/EMT- South Snohomish county fire and rescue

-2 year Firefighter/EMT

- Former high school firefighting student 


LOCATION: Lake Washington Institute of Technology, Suite A308