bruce myka, Instructor
firefighter/emt- bothell fire dept. 


John cassman, Instructor
Firefighter/emt - Tacoma fire dept.
-10 years firefighter/EMT
-Former teacher


First-In Training and Education hires only full-time or retired firefighter/EMTs to lead our classes.  This gives the kids a unique perspective as the instructors come off shift and into the classroom.  Stimulating discussions, real-life applications, and front-line patient contact are commonplace.

henry patterson, LEAD Instructor
firefighter- south snohomish county fire authority
-Former high school fire student
-6 years as an EMT/ Firefighter
-2 years Full time for South Snohomish County Fire and Rescue 


kali roberts, Instructor
sr ff/emt - seattle fire dept.
-16+ Years firefighting
- Tech. rescue qualified
-High school Track and Field coach




jon goins, Instructor
lieutenant - seattle fire dept.
- Instructor for Seattle's recruit school
-Former Seattle Fire Cadet
- 20 years firefighter/EMT 

First-in training and education