Dave Storey, Lead Instructor
lieutenant - mount vernon fire dept

-Started as a fire prevention intern in 1988

-Volunteer at Mercer Island Fire from 1990-1993

-Private Ambulance in Seattle from 1990-1993

-Mount Vernon Fire for 23 years, past 7 as Lieutenant 



First-In Training and Education hires only full-time or retired firefighter/EMTs to lead our classes.  This gives the kids a unique perspective as the instructors come off shift and into the classroom.  Stimulating discussions, real-life applications, and front-line patient contact are commonplace.

scott cleave, Instructor
lieutenant - mount vernon fire dept

-20+ Years Firefighter/EMT

-Wildland certified

-Lieutenant for Mount Vernon Fire


First-in training and education

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travis seamans, Instructor
paramedic/ff - skagit county ems

-Fire Service for 10 years

-Paramedic, FF, Tactical Combat Casualty Course Inst.,

Wildland FF, ACLS, PHTLS Instructor, EMS Evaluator

-Paramedic Instructor at CWU, INHS Paramedic School in Spokane, WA


Zach ames, Instructor
FF/EMT-City of Bothell Fie

-3 Year Firefighter/EMT

- USA Army Veteran 

​- HAZMAT certified